The Women’s Foundation of California (WFC) trains and invests in women to become policy advocates and philanthropic leaders who strengthen the economic well-being of California’s women and their families.

Grounded in the belief that a truly prosperous state is only possible when women and their families are economically secure, WFC is committed to building a more just and equitable California.

For over 35 years, WFC has been a leader and trusted partner — activating its extensive grassroots and statewide network to shape the policies, programs and attitudes that elevate women and their families. Our renowned Women’s Policy Institute has trained more than 300 advocates and local leaders, and helped pass 23 new statewide laws improving health, safety and economic well-being.

A national leader in community-based philanthropy, WFC’s Giving Circles have collectively awarded $10.4 million to more than 500 local nonprofit organizations.

You can help us create lasting change in California and throughout the United States.

You can support our work, sign up to receive our e-newsletters,  tell your friends about our work and learn more about us on our website womensfoundca.org.