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Anita Wills of Essie Justice Group, whose son has been incarcerated since 2001, leaving her to raise her grandson alone.

In the era of mass incarceration, what happens to the women who are left behind?

Essie Justice Group is a new organization launched by our Soros Justice Fellow, Gina Clayton. We are proud to incubate and fiscally sponsor Gina's organization. This past weekend, Essie brought women with incarcerated loved ones together to connect, bond, start a new organization—and a new movement.
Catherine Porter

By Rose Larsen, Intern Though Catherine Porter, a Bay Area lawyer, has long been an advocate for reproductive rights, for much of her career she...

By Rose Larsen, Intern You might think it ironic that one of the members of the Women’s Policy Institute’s Criminal Justice team first gained experience...

 by Michelle Cale, guest blogger I first went to prison in May 2010.  Luckily for me, I was able to leave the same day because...

By Emma Mayerson, Development Assistant Kim Carter, Founder and Executive Director of our grant partner the Time for Change Foundation, is passionate about reducing recidivism and crime...

By Emma Mayerson, Development Assistant Tamaya Garcia has been fighting for Assembly Bill 568 for two years with our grant partner the Center for Young Women's Development. AB...

Congratulations to our grant partners who have been in the news recently! We are proud to support the ground-breaking efforts of these organizations. Since...

By Anuja Mendiratta RGHR Fund Program Advisor The Women’s Foundation of California As part of my work with the Race,  Gender and Human Rights Fund of the Women's...

By Sande Smith, Director of Communications at the Women's Foundation of California “Being that I work with young women everyday I would love to see...

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