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When Gina Clayton founded Essie Justice Group with the mission to harness the collective power of women with incarcerated loved ones in 2014, she had one critical challenge. While the number of women with a family member in prison suggests prevalence—one in four women and nearly half of Black women have a loved one behind bars—isolation and the stigma made affected women hard to find. But a conversation with a man inside a prison sparked the idea for Essie’s most innovative and promising movement building strategy yet.
Anita Wills of Essie Justice Group, whose son has been incarcerated since 2001, leaving her to raise her grandson alone.

In the era of mass incarceration, what happens to the women who are left behind?

Essie Justice Group is a new organization launched by our Soros Justice Fellow, Gina Clayton. We are proud to incubate and fiscally sponsor Gina's organization. This past weekend, Essie brought women with incarcerated loved ones together to connect, bond, start a new organization—and a new movement.

Gina Clayton, a 2014 Soros Justice Fellow at the Women’s Foundation of California, writes about the devastating effects of mass incarceration on women. Gina is Founder of Essie Justice Group, a fiscal project of the Foundation.

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