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Child care is not a luxury, but a necessity for working mothers. It is key to both women’s and children’s success, said Mary Ignatius, who organizes women to advocate for increased public investments in subsidized child care as an organizer at Parent Voices. For low-income and many middle-income women, subsidized child care is out of reach. At this very moment, some 200,000 children are on a three-year waitlist. In the meantime, their parents struggle to make ends meet, unable to find and keep full-time work.

Violets, all juniors and seniors at Marlborough, have awarded over $200,000 in grants since 2006 to organizations that are working to improve the lives of underprivileged women and girls in the Los Angeles area through education. This year they awarded $10,000 each to four remarkable organizations.

Today is Michelle Ramos-Burkhart's last day at the Women's Foundation of California. She has been our incredible Program Officer, Giving Circles and has done an incredible job spearheading our first Giving Circle Conference, creating important collaborative giving curricula and simply managing a powerful and inspiring network of formidable women philanthropists from all over the state. In this article, she bids us farewell and shares her wisdom with us, and you. Thank you, Michelle. We will miss you.

We're proud to announce that Rhiannon Rossi is our new Program Officer, Philanthropic Engagement. She will be using her savvy and brilliance to grow the success and impact of our Giving Circle Network, create powerful partnerships between our six giving circles and four donor advised funds and, every step of the way, create opportunities for collaboration, learning and inspiration. Welcome!
Proposition 47 passes

We waited with bated breath for the state election results to come in last night. And when they did, what great news. Proposition 47 passed and California took a giant step toward fixing our broken criminal justice system.

by Michelle Cale, WFC Board Member Towards the end of 2008, I found myself with a new job: the family’s philanthropist. For the first time,...

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