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Maximum Family Grant Rule

Basic necessities for babies

On June 15, 2016, California legislature and Governor Jerry Brown repealed one of the state’s most discriminatory laws and practices through the 2016-17 state budget deal. “The Maximum Family Grant rule stemmed from racist, classist, sexist stereotypes of women of color and affected generations of poor children,” said Laura Jimenez.

This week, our policymakers made important decisions about three key bills, pushing two along and stopping one groundbreaking bill in its tracks.
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On Tuesday, May 20, we held a legislative briefing at the state Capitol in Sacramento and unveiled an important set of data related to women’s poverty.

(left to right) Mari Lopez, Visión y Compromiso; Sierra Harris, ACCESS Women's Health Justice; Suely Ngouy (last year's fellow with the Reproductive Justice team);...

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