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Domestic workers have historically been denied overtime pay and workplace protections. For more than 10 years, they've advocated, organized, mobilized and marched and in 2013 they helped pass the California’s Domestic Worker Bill of Rights that is scheduled to expire in January 2017. The Women's Foundation of California is proud to train five of the domestic worker rights advocates and leaders though its Women's Policy Institute. This year, these powerful women are working on the bill that will make this important law permanent—SB 1015 (Levya).

The very nature of their work keeps domestic workers hidden from view. It might have stayed that way but for the commitment of organizers like Katie Joaquin. In 2013 domestic workers used public policy and their powerful voices to win a workplace right they had been denied for decades: overtime pay. In 2016, they are advocating again to make that hard-fought right permanent.

by Leila Roberts, Mujeres Unidas y Activas volunteer It’s 1976. Adèle holds my hand as we cross the busy street. She laughs at something I...

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