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California Women's Legislative Caucus

Mary Ignatius from Parent Voices writes about the bold and fearless $625 million budget ask to reinvest in child care, which was put forth by the Democratic members of the Legislative Women’s Caucus (LWC).

Lourdes Alarcón is a parent leader with Parent Voices, an incredible parent-led grassroots organization that works to make quality child care affordable and accessible...

By Mary Ignatius, Parent Voices Two weeks ago, the San Francisco Chronicle published an article about Latifa Lewis, a Hayward woman who recently lost her...

On Wednesday, SF Gate published an article that puts a face behind the poverty numbers in California. This article, titled State’s budget cuts leave poor...

"I didn’t realize that I needed a space like this, a space where I could meet other women working on social justice. I now...

When will we realize that supporting women's ability to work and excel is a key factor in lifting our state's economy? Since 2007, child care...

“Before I joined Parent Voices three years ago, I never knew I had a voice or that my voice mattered. Today, I know...

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